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The dialogue between departed dad, Nicolaas Bessem, M.D., and his daughter, Bonnie Bessem

Heaven’sTalk—The Beginning begins the dialogue between departed dad, Nicolaas Bessem, M.D., and his daughter, Bonnie Bessem. Bonnie is unique. She is a qualified counselling psychologist with an M.A. in psychology and a highly-experienced medium. She had no idea if she would ever be able to contact her father, once he passed over. Mind you, she is more capable than most in communicating with the spirit world, after attending mediumship school and summoning up spirit messages for two decades.
Bonnie was startled when she could clearly hear her father’s voice, just days after his sudden death. He attributed the ease of communication to her having primed the pump of otherworldly dialogue for twenty years, with other guides from the Unseen World.

Nuggets of real wisdom, much of it counter-intuitive, gleam from every page. You will come away enlightened about the concept of death, likely having learned some priceless methods to banish fear and advice on how to contact your loved ones who have passed over.

This is a book for the ages, a book that strips away fears, especially about death, which ranks as the greatest fear and mystery of the living.

It will change how you view life and give you a far more upbeat perspective on death. Bonnie Bessem has timeless wisdom from the Afterlife, the Unseen World, to share. Accept no substitutes. This is the real deal, with the genuine article, Bonnie Bessem and her dear, late, not-quite-completely-departed dad.

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A deep feeling of gratitude resides within me. My family has been exploring the Unseen World for a long time. This is the World we came from and the World to which we will return some day. Our family consists of my dad (now in the Unseen World), my mother, two sisters and one brother.

Even as a young man, my dad already felt the need to search for the truth. His mother was psychic, a talent manifested in predictive dreaming and intuitively sensing other people; she could sense how they felt and what they were thinking. My dad sent my sister and me to the renowned Arthur Findlay College, an hour’s drive from London, England. It takes a little longer from Holland. ;-) The College is a centre for spiritualism and psychic sciences. We both attended classes in mediumship. It was a great gift.
For more than twenty years I have combined mediumship with regular psychology. In 1993, my dad created The Oahspe Foundation. Its mission was to share knowledge about spiritualism and mediumship as well as support those who practice those arts. We are convinced that every individual soul travels through eternity on a journey to complete awareness of the perfect unity, the omnipresent loving source of energy (God, Creator, Allah, etc.) Our life on Earth is a very valuable experience that gives us the chance to realize that paradise on Earth lies within ourselves. The Universe, with its loving dedication, will do anything possible to serve us humans and will never turn its back on any person or soul.
Because of my training and experience as a medium, I was able to feel and hear from my dad within two days of his passing in the summer of 2015. I was surprised to be able to hear him so clearly and feel him so close. Never in my twenty years of experience as a medium and psychologist have I communicated with the Unseen World as clearly as I did with my dad.
Of course, I have had doubts sometimes about what I was receiving and if all I received was correct; this is the natural state of ego-thinking. However, I felt compelled to share my dad’s messages. I was also curious about what would happen.
I have been astounded by the great amount of positive feedback I have received. So many people encouraged me to continue writing. And so I have.
This book contains the first part of the conversations with my dad from his death in July of 2015 until March, 2016. Whenever I receive messages from my dad, I transcribe them within fifteen minutes to ensure nothing is lost and no time comes between my own thoughts and interpretation. The exact conversations have been transcribed, verbatim. We only enhanced some of the language, for that was never my dad’s strongest suit—nor mine.

His messages have given me great insight. What strikes me the most is how my heart resonates with his words. My heart feels happy, warm and satisfied. For me, that is a sign that the messages are based on love and truth. It is my hope that after reading of my experiences, your heart, likewise, feels happy, warm and satisfied.

Bonnie Bessem

Psychologist, Medium, Author, Life Counselor. Co-founder of the Life College in Holland.

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