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Heaven's Talk

Bonnie Bessem - author - medium - psychologist
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Heaven's Talk

Bonnie Bessem, PhD. had no idea if she would ever be able to contact her father, once he passed over. Mind you, she is more qualified than most in communicating with the spirit world, after attending mediumship school and having summoned up spirit messages for two decades. She is the unique veteran clairvoyant and medium who also possesses a Ph.D. in psychology.

Bonnie was startled when she could clearly hear her father’s voice, just days after his sudden death. He attributed the ease of communication to her having primed the pump of otherworldly dialogue for twenty years, with other guides from the Unseen World.

Tinto, who only spoke to her in English, had been her main source of wisdom of the afterlife.Bonnie’s first English language book takes the reader into Bonnie’s sessions with her dad, which she would transcribe within 15 minutes of the experience.

Nuggets of real wisdom, much of it counter-intuitive, gleam from every page. You will come away enlightened about the concept of death, likely having learned some priceless methods to banish fear and advice on how to contact your loved ones who have passed over.

This is a book for the ages, a book that strips away fears, especially about death, which ranks as the greatest fear and mystery of the living.

Heaven’s Talk—The Beginning, pierces the veils between life on Earth and life in the afterlife. Is there such a thing? What are the most important lessons to be learned down here? What gems has Bonnie written down in her hypnogogic trance!

It will change how you view life and give you a far more upbeat perspective on death. Bonnie Bessem has timeless wisdom from the Afterlife, the Unseen World, to share. Accept no substitutes. This is the real deal, with the genuine article,  Bonnie Bessem and her dear, late, not quite departed dad.

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